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Tuesday 27 October 2015

Squeaky Feet

I cycle into work today and my new wheel seems very good, the bike was positively zinging along this morning.

L has had enough of  her squeaky feet. The trainers I bought her for her birthday in May went back in July because they squeaked. The replacement pair have also developed a squeak so today I again email Wiggle to request that they take them back again.

They reply within the hour saying they will and as there is now a new model out, I order a pair of those as a replacement. Yet again Wiggle show how good customer service works.

I hope this solves the problem and we don’t ultimately find out that it’s L’s feet that squeak and not the shoes.

Dogging tonight and afterwards I meet L in the pub. Yes, I know, the Pub on a Tuesday... tut tut.

(Tuesday 27th October)

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