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Thursday 22 October 2015

Something Wild And Exciting

L asks that if ‘trusty’ Runners World publish a doable half marathon training programme, will I let her know. Naturally I email her one straight back. Like this one?

The presence of the word ‘Intermediate’ shocks her, she feels she’s never surpassed the dizzy heights of ‘beginner’ despite doing at least 103 half marathons and a few marathons over the years. I promise her she won’t need a glass of red before she reads it.

The opening line of the plan is ‘Once you’ve done your first half...’ so it’s definitely for her.

I nearly considered the next one up but that opens with ‘you’re going to have to feel the burn to get results...’, so I'll perhaps save that for next time.

The gasman, who is booked in for tomorrow, rings to ask if he could come ‘now’. Errm, no.

Park  Bike Works ring me, now there’s a first. It’s ready! Ta da. My next day job is finally ready after eight days. Now that’s service. I’ll pick it up tomorrow.

Squash is cancelled as my opponent’s back hasn’t recovered yet so I go for a run instead. That is if my stomach lets me and doesn’t swing around too much after the venison casserole I put in at lunchtime.

L says let's do something wild and exciting tonight. Ooooh. I’m all hers, once I get this run out of the way.

I run from work to Spondon, get the bus, and then run home from Stapleford. Not sure how far that is in total, 5 or 6 miles I would guess.

I get home but no L. So I have to be wild and exciting on my own until she arrives. 

(Thursday 22nd October)

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