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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

A Right Little Goer

Still without my own bike and unable to fit lights on my best bike, I ride L's bike into work. It’s a right little goer and gives me a pleasant ride in. The only problem being the reach to the handlebars is a bit short.

L enquires if the gears worked for me as she says they don’t for her. They were beautiful, slick and smooth, in my opinion.

You know all those silly opinion polls that they publish in the likes of the Daily Mail and that no one takes seriously when the majority of those come from the YouGov Survey panel, which I have now joined.

Today’s question, which is very typical :-

Which of the following would you like to do on your 90th birthday?

Choose as many as you like

- Have a big party

- A quiet day with the family

- Go to a rock concert

- Sky-dive

- Go on holiday

- Take a YouGov survey

- Have wild sex

- Go to the theatre, opera etc

- Watch England win

- No celebration

It’s a very limited list and there is no mention of beer, curry, half marathons or belting round a velodrome in your wheelchair. So when you read next week that according to the latest survey most people want to go to a rock concert and have wild sex on their 90th birthday, it’s my fault. 

(Tuesday 20th October)

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