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Thursday 8 October 2015

Banana Drama And Other Stories

The dogs have a new lamp to light their early evenings when we’re not home from work until after darkness has fallen e.g. the whole of November to February. The only problem is it requires a very specialised super small screw-in bulb that nobody seems to sell. Eventually I track one down at Homebase.

Even then it was hard to find. Where would you think Homebase display their bulbs? I tried the lighting section, then the electrical section but no, they are hidden underneath the stairs by the mirrors. Good job I asked or else I’d still be there now.

On the bus today and after work I head to Nottingham Castle where L is loitering on the benches by Robin himself. Tonight it’s the 40th running of the annual beer festival which gets bigger and more unwieldy every year but we are told this is a good thing. This year they have a staggering choice of 1,220 beers. I have no idea how you’re supposed to get through that lot or even make an informed choice. Therefore the decision is taken to again to attempt to drink as local as possible.

We head down to the bandstand area and find a sort of secret seating area at the back which is surrounded by local brewery stalls, food outlets and the bandstand itself where music is being played. It’s rather idyllic actually and a bit like a mini Glastonbury.

I knock back the following ales:-

Banana Drama Stout, Sperrin (Warks) 7.0%
Biscoteque Stout, Naked Beer Co (West Sussex) 5.0%
Black Pearl Stout, Crystal (East Yorks) 5.0%
Bramling Porter, Instant Karma (Clay Cross) 5.0%
Captain Hopbeard, Totally Brewed (Nottingham) 5.5%
Damn Fine Coffee Porter, Nottingham Brewery (Nottingham) 4.6%
Hawse Buckler, Oakham (Peterborough) 5.6%
Nowt Stout, Five Towns (Wakefield) 6.7%
Rise And Shine Stout, Black Iris (Nottingham) 5.2%
Steam Punk Porter, Funfair (Elston) 4.3%

L dips into some of the same selection as well as:-

Duck n' Disorderly, Mallard (Southwell) 6.0%
Ghost Train Stout, Funfair (Elston) 5.0%
Grand Papa Jangles Voodoo Stout, Totally Brewed (Nottingham) 7.0%
The Doughboy Porter, Geeves (Barnsley) 5.2%

We mop up the ABV’s with some very unathletic fish and chips followed by chocolate brownie.

(Thursday 8th October)

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