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Saturday 10 October 2015

Taking The Blame

We’re down in Peterborough today. I’m at the East of England Showground for a dog show while L takes in the nearby parkrun (of course) and the local café selling mouldy bananas before heading over to join us.

The dog show is part of a larger Food and Drink Show but this turns out not to be on today, only tomorrow. So it’s just like any other dog show really.

MD's first run is clear but I make a mess of one of the turns so it wasn’t very quick and we don’t get a rosette. We nearly get another clear but he has the last pole down, my fault again. The other two runs, where he came out of the weaves in one and was all over the place in the other, getting himself eliminated... well I’m not taking the blame for either them.

Pasta and AF tonight, race tomorrow.

(Saturday 10th October)

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