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Saturday 3 October 2015


I’ve had a fairly manic week but the manic weekend belongs to L.

I hot foot it from Bingham to catch L doing the Beeston Parkrun before she heads off to Manchester to spend the day with Daughter. Tomorrow we’re both off to London.

She shares the train with a Prosecco swilling hen party, clearly starting early, and when she arrives in Manchester it is apparently freezing. It’s almost tropical here where I'm left with the boys, chucking balls, before heading to the match where Derby win at home for the first time this season.

We collect her from the train station later. This always has to be timed to perfection as free parking is restricted to 30 minutes. So ideally you need to arrive as late as possible before meeting the train so as not to burn off your allocated time too soon.

If you fail you have to come out of the car park and go back in, to get a fresh ticket and another 30 minutes. I’ve done that a few times and you see countless others doing the same. Perhaps just make it 45 minutes eh? Or even an hour? Because it would still only benefit those dropping off or picking up. If you’re actually catching a train to go somewhere you’ll easily take longer than that. 

(Saturday 3rd October)

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