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Tuesday 6 October 2015

Up In Lights

It’s warm but it’s wet today. Clearly we’re having an Indian Summer complete with Monsoon season. That said, I managed to avoid the rain in both directions on my bike to work.

I pop down to Pride Park stadium at lunchtime and pick up my free DCFC scarf. Our new wealthy owner is handing one of these out to every one of the club’s 24,000 season ticket holders. A nice touch but I can’t help thinking of several better uses for his money.

I receive a Facebook friend request from a name I don’t recognise and as usual I delete it. Then L sends me a link to the Thunder Run Facebook page and I see my name up in lights on there. Just above it is the name of my team captain, who has just sent me a friend request. Best accept I suppose.

Not that we’re actually in the race yet because entries haven’t opened but I hope we do get in, L is starting to sound enthused again. She does like a project and could have several on the go next year.

(Tuesday 6th October)

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