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Friday 16 October 2015

Distinct Lack Of Bike

Bus again, obviously with being wheel-less.

Castle Rock Brewery are begging for apples in order to brew a cider. Damn, perhaps we should have kept our apple tree. We do still have a few manky apples lying around in the garden if they want them.
Still no bike, the wheel apparently wasn’t ordered on Wednesday when they said it would be and still isn’t in but it’ll definitely definitely be all sorted over the weekend. I tell them I’ll collect on Monday.

I wish I’d brought my running shoes in now. I had originally planned a run this evening but scrapped the idea as I planned to collect my bike. Again circumstances are conspiring against my training, I didn't even get a full game of squash last night and I really hadn’t intended to start tapering for Leicester this early.

Meanwhile L is at the gym getting a quickie in which is more than I’m managing at the moment.

(Friday 16th October)

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