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Wednesday 5 October 2011

Another Day In The Lampshade

The ribs are nudging their way up to about 85%, so I'm recovering a bit after my running escapade last night. Although I have considered cancelling squash tomorrow, which was the cause of the problem last week, but cancelling is so far is still at the considering stage...

There’s only eleven days to go to the Cardiff Half, if I’m fit enough. I’ve had my race number for ages but L’s number finally arrives today. So they do want her after all and now I can’t palm mine off on her.

Doggo graciously accepts his collar for what we tell him is one last day. While MD is still jealous that Doggo has a fancy new collar and he doesn’t. Well, perhaps if its Doggo’s last day in the collar then MD can wear it tomorrow.

L says she waved to our giant spider as she left this morning. I think that’s a hint. I keep forgetting to humanely euthanise it, as requested. Although, perhaps I ought to check with Daughter first, after all it used to be her room mate. The spider seemed to emerge only after L started cleaning her way through eighteen years of dirt in Daughter’s bedroom, now that she’s away at university. Eighteen years... and I bet she can return it back to that state in two weeks over Christmas if she puts her mind to it.

I get home and half expert to find the lampshade collar removed and MD skewered on it but no, Lampshade boy is fine. Although he was a bit slow to come to the door. I assume he was stuck on something by his collar again.

Dog training tonight for MD, who again puts his little heart into it, but again without Doggo cheering him on from the boot of the car. Poor Doggo isn’t allowed to play football either. He’s desperate to but he might split his stitches.

(Wednesday 5th October)

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