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Saturday 22 October 2011

A Thing Of The Past

A whole day in. Chance to take the boys on the park and even do a bit of gardening. I hate gardening but I’m trying to plug some of the holes in the lawn created by MD. My grass growing attempts are actually coming on ok. I tidy up the rest of the garden but don’t have any means of disposing of the waste as our council have decided to suspend our garden waste collection until April. Chuck it in the normal bin they advise. So much for recycling.

I spend the later part of the day on the bathroom floor, tiling it. So when the kids return at Christmas wet bathroom carpets will be a thing of the past. It’ll be wet tiles instead. Not that we’ve had any wet carpets since they went away.

It's an interesting way to prep for tomorrow’s run. I had contemplated dragging L to a film tonight but opt to finish the tiling instead. Followed by pasta of course.

(Saturday 22nd October)

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