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Friday, 14 October 2011

Base Camp Cwmbran

We head off to base camp for our assault on Cardiff and get seriously delayed on the way. The A40 isn’t moving at all and has according to the traffic websites a three hour delay. So we detour through some very narrow lanes and eventually Abergavenny. At least we see the sights.

We are actually staying in Upper Cwmbran and our cottage resides on mountain road. I guess it’s going to be that unmarked one snaking steeply up the mountain. Yep.

It’s a nice cottage with a wonderful stone staircase with a polished wooden landing which makes an ideal launching pad for the dogs to plummet headlong down the stairs. Not for us at home I think, on H&S grounds. We have a choice of bedrooms, upstairs or down. We choose upstairs, perhaps for entertainment value.

Then we head off to the dog friendly Bush Inn. Our narrow lane, mountain road, is quite a scary experience to drive up or down, but it's a positively death defying experience to walk down when you meet something like a tractor coming along it, especially in the dark. The cottage supplies a torch, which is quite literally a life saver.

The Bush Inn maybe dog friendly but I think with a Rock n Roll band playing tonight its better if we stay outside. Good job we’re still having such tropical weather. They serve us homemade pizza, with proper Italian style dough, and beer from Caerphilly. Which isn’t bad although L prefers the wine.

(Friday 14th October)

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