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Thursday 20 October 2011

If It's Not One Thing It's Another

If it's not one thing it's another. As expected, my cold has arrived. No idea where it came from but now that’s stopping me training and not my ribs which have now cleared up. Thankfully Sunday is the last big race of my year, so then I can concentrate on achieving in 2012 what I didn’t manage to do in 2011. Namely get that half marathon time down.

I end up taking the car to work. Oh, the shame... and the traffic. Just to add to the fun, the temporary traffic lights in Bramcote were stuck on red this morning in all directions. Chaos. There were some very stressed workmen trying to direct the traffic but actually doing a very good job of it.

Thank heavens for the pub lunch to cheer me up.

My health is gradually improving, so in the evening I head to the gym. Which I need to do anyway, if I don’t go once a month I don’t get my £50 cash back and I haven’t been in October yet. I do 10k on the bike, which isn’t much but it’s better than nothing. My legs are then perhaps too wobbly for the dreadmill but I give it a go. When 1.5k into a run, my headphones keep falling out of my ear and putting them back in makes me even more wobbly, I decide it’s bordering on the dangerous at 13kph. So I abort and take the dogs for a walk around the University Lake instead whilst we wait for L to finish pumping her iron.

(Thursday 20th October)

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