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Tuesday 18 October 2011

A Poltergeist Moment

I’m not sure the legs are up to a long run yet but I plan to attempt something tonight and see how far I get.

In Canada a British man has become the world’s oldest marathon runner after completing a race in Toronto at the age of 100. Good on him and it shows there’s hope for me yet.

Meanwhile that bloody giraffe is all over the Welsh press. He's even got his name in print. Mr Sub-1:40, not that I’m bothered but he can consider his card well and truly marked.

At work, our air con system has a poltergeist moment and turns itself on, full blast, emptying the room of paper and pinning everyone against one wall. Someone had to remove some ceiling tiles and poke a ruler into the roof space until they found the isolating switch. Quite exciting really, especially for a Monday, sorry Tuesday morning. It is my first day back, it feels like a Monday.

So to tonight’s run, which isn’t bad actually. I plan on 16km and get as far as 14.5km before I decide I ought to head home in case L hasn't got back to the boys. So all systems go, perhaps, for Birmingham on Sunday.

(Tuesday 18th October)

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