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Saturday 29 October 2011

Suitably Impressed

I drive out to Ruddington today to the company who installed my double glazing over 15 years ago. The handle of the bathroom window came off in my hand... Clearly I don’t know my own strength. They are more than willing to help and supply me with a free replacement handle. I am suitably impressed.

I am also suitably impressed when Derby score three great goals against Portsmouth this afternoon. Although after that they throw in an almighty wobble just to keep us all interested but still manage to come though 3-1 in the end.

A treat for the dogs tonight, I think. Pet Noodles. Made in just the same way as the human ones with hot water but probably better for you. They even look more appetising.

We stay in tonight to protect the house from Doggo’s digging when the fireworks go off. On Wednesday he fetched a load of wallpaper off the bathroom wall while we were out because the house was presumably under attack. It’s my fault really for replacing the carpet in there with tiles. That carpet was his favourite comfort digging ground, I’ll have to put a mat in there for him.

(Saturday 29th October)

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