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Wednesday 19 October 2011

The Leaper’s Residence

I had planned to top up last night’s run with a shorter one this morning but I can feel a cold coming on and daren’t risk it. So I wimp out. L accuses me of overdoing it when I should be recovering from Sunday. Hmmm maybe. That’s the sort of thing I usually say to her.

As I walk to the bus I see L and the boys across the other side of the green. All seemed to be quiet and civilised to me but I’m assured that was just a blip. She says she still wishes we had Yorkies. She doesn't mean that. Often.

I’m out in Derby tonight and there’s already a worrying amount of Christmas decor out around the area. We eat at one those Wetherspoons that isn’t a Wetherspoons which in Derby is right next door to the Wetherspoons that is a Wetherspoons. If you’re with me... it’s called The Thomas Leaper and it’s a Lloyds No 1 or something. It used to be a Yates’s but we don’t like to talk about its dubious past. Apparently it was once Thomas Leaper’s house, hence the name. An impressive pad.

Talking of Wetherspoons. Thanks to them my student haven is back. They have kicked out Varsity and resurrected the Gooseberry Bush where I spent many a happy hour and wrote many an assignment with a pint in one hand and a pen in the other.

(Wednesday 18th October)

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