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Monday 24 October 2011

Top Of My Wish List

I’m not a great follower of fashion, well no follower at all really, so somebody else will have to explain to me why the lad using the cash machine at Sainsbury’s had a golf tee through his ear. Quite bizarre.

After the trials of running around Birmingham yesterday, a frenetic dog training session was not top of my wish list for tonight but, actually, it proves a good leg loosener. MD will sleep well, as will I.

I may also have picked up another potential client for my fledgling (as in not really started it yet) personal training career. The dog trainer has just booked to do her first half marathon and, when she notices my Great Run t-shirt, mentions that she is looking for training tips.

She has time on her side, her run isn’t until February but my initial thoughts are who picks a February half marathon for their first one? It’ll be cold then. Well no, not if you’re doing one in Orlando. Great, I get Birmingham, she gets Orlando and where did I do my first ever half marathon? Sleaford, the coldest place on earth, in February 2010.

(Monday 24th October)

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