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Monday 17 October 2011

In Search Of The Greasy Spoon

Thwarted for chips last night, we depart Cwmbran this morning and look for a greasy spoon cafe for breakfast. Well actually in the end we look for something a bit more highbrow and head for Ross on Wye, which sounds like it might be a bit posh or is that Hay On Wye? Once there, Ross not Hay, we find a nice little cafe but the breakfast still has all the hallmarks of greasy spoonism, so I guess that’s a result on all fronts.

They’ve predicted a cold snap and maybe they’re right for once because at home the heating comes on, all on its own. So it must be cold. I hope it’s not been doing that while we’ve been away. I give it a right lecture on the price of gas and eventually it goes off again in shame.

I have a committee meeting tonight which I’m not looking for to. The arguments have carried on spasmodically via email ever since the last meeting and predictably they are soon back at full throttle once the meeting commences. It all culminates with one of the argumentees walking out with less than half an hour on the clock. It doesn’t get any more exciting than this at the dog club. Funnily enough once they’ve gone everything continues apace, we get loads covered and finish on time at 9pm for the first time in the year I’ve been on the committee. Way to go.

(Monday 17th October)

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