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Thursday 27 October 2011

Mud Surfing

It’s drizzling as I wheel the bike out this morning and then it gradually gets worse as I ride. So, soaked again and this time in both directions as the rain comes back in the afternoon as well.

I haven’t managed to get a squash court for tonight both remaining sets of council courts are booked up. It’s a good job the council closed the surplus courts because there was no demand. We book for Tuesday instead, pulling the rug out from somebody’s regular slot. I don’t like doing that but feel we have no choice.

L is out doing vampire duties tonight, giving blood. Rather her than me. I’d be no use anyway and it would take at least three blonde nurses to bring me round afterwards.

So I get to indulge myself in the kitchen whilst she is out. I enjoy cooking and I particularly enjoy cooking with the radio on and a glass of wine in my hand (which is allowed on a Thursday but not Monday - Wednesday). I top off the indulgence by having the cheese and biscuits to hand, to tide me over until the food is ready and L gets home to share it with me. Meanwhile the dogs urge me to kick their footballs so that they can mud surf across the garden.

L texts to say the deed is done and she’s having a bourbon. I’m initially impressed that they’re serving alcohol to the donors and was about to ask whether it was Jack Daniels, then it dawns on me she talking biscuits. I tell her to have another one to up her sugar levels, she’s earned it, not realising she's already on her sixth.

I decide I best go collect her before she has any more, she probably shouldn’t be wobbling home on her own anyway.

(Thursday 27th October)

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