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Monday, 22 October 2012

7 Legged Pub Crawl

I’m in the car; L’s on the park battling the deer who are acting out a scene from West Side Story. Two rival factions eye-balling each other across the main footpath. She was probably right that MD, despite his best peacekeeping intentions, ought to be kept out of the way. She has such exciting park sessions, they’re never that good when I go.

To be fair, MD had already been upset by a cyclist with a flashing front light. I can sympathise, those flashing front lights upset me too.

Dog training tonight, in some paddy field in Derbyshire. It was very muddy under-paw and got worse as the night went on. There were several thrills and spills, all human ones.

L's been out running in Derby and shares the bus home with a bunch of student's doing the 7-legged pub crawl. Do they still do that? Cool. That dates way back to my days at Trent Polytechnic although it now seems to be the University Of Nottingham that is driving it. I'm also sure it was more than 7 back in the day... late 1980's. 16 springs to mind, I remember it being very unwieldy. The crawl got banned from most of the pubs and A&E. Perhaps 7 is better.

(Monday 22nd October)

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