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Thursday 4 October 2012

Simply Being Cautious

I take the bus and don’t bike, which makes L suspicious that my knee injury is worse than I’m letting on. I am simply being cautious, which is admittedly a word that L may not be familiar with coming from my lips. Cycling to work and playing squash on the same day tire me out anyway, so it was prudent to drop one of them.

My squash opponent also claims to be slightly injured and says he too will have to play on one leg. So it could be a comical game as we can limp around the court together.

Two points in and I had no idea how I was going to complete the match such was the aggravation from the knee, but then I forgot about it, won the first game, had chances in the second and eventually lost 2-1. Which as my opponent tells me, when I win 2-1, doesn’t count as its first to 3.

Luckily, under my own unique handicapping system of three points for a win (for me only), that’s a win for me. As a grand finale, on the very last point, I twist my right ankle in a desperate attempt not to exacerbate my left knee further. Only a slight sprain though, it’ll pass.

We meet L out of the gym and head to the Navigation pub and brewery for a pint of joint aid.

(Thursday 4th October)

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