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Wednesday 24 October 2012

First Rule Of Internet

I'm on the bike again amidst another miserable morning weather wise, the greyness shows no sign of leaving.

L is sans-internet and has been since yesterday. At least she has no distractions from her work.

I recommend doing a ‘Son’, unplugging the power from the router and plugging it back in, even if everyone else is using it just fine...

Doesn’t work and I get a string of expletives by email BT, AOL, WIFI, WTF. Ah, it’s probably AOL. First rule of internet, don’t go anywhere near AOL.

Then she mentions Norton Internet Security and the penny dropped. Second rule of internet, don’t go anywhere near Norton. Then she says her computer has McAfee on it as well. Third rule of internet...

I tell her to get rid of both and suddenly everything is fine. Norton and McAfee were probably arguing among themselves and blocking each other.

She says somebody has suggested installing Microsoft Security Essentials instead. Personally I wouldn’t. Fourth rule of internet...

(Wednesday 24th October)


  1. I'd say that Security Essentials is the best of a bad lot. And free. Had it on my laptop for a couple of years now and it has behaved nicely ever since...

  2. Cheers. I'll pass that on. I just remember it's predecessor Windows Defender was it? Slowed my PC to a crawl.