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Saturday 13 October 2012

Alcohol Rebalancing

I drag myself out of bed for an opticians appointment. They do work unsavoury hours, 11am on Saturday, I ask you.

This delays the dogs' park session, which they're not happy about. Then after the park, they're still not happy and try to disrupt my hedge cutting by chucking footballs at me.

Do they think I want to be doing this? I'm only doing this today because the council will be cutting our garden waste collection off for the winter soon, so the race is on to cram as much into the garden bin as possible until they do.

We stay in tonight, alcohol rebalancing. Although it's an AF night that’s not strictly necessary for the usual reason of having a race, as I’m too injured for the Coventry Half.

L had someone at the door the other day offering ‘rest and recuperation for people with joint problems’, we live in an area surrounded by old and disabled people. It must have been a tough call but she turned them away this time.

In fact there’s not actually a lot left on my bucket list of half marathond as the Tatton event is now full and I haven’t entered. Probably for the best.

(Saturday 13th October)

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