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Tuesday 16 October 2012

Cloud Nine

A rather pleasant ride in to work on the bike. A bit windy but not too bad, perhaps it was with me for a change.

L’s having email problems at work. Cloud, apparently. I’m not sure if that’s cloud storage or just plain cloudy? Certainly not Cloud Nine.

I manage a post-work swim, although it’s again packed. I hand in my cash back voucher having completed a year of monthly swims. Now where’s my fifty quid? We’ll let you know, they say.

It’s the Booker Prize tonight, not that that means much to me but for L it means a specially convened session of her book club where they will choose their own winner. Which I assume will bear no relation to the actual winner.

At 9.15 I get a text from L saying she’s on her way home. Odd I think, as the actual announcement of the winner is due at 9.30. Council run book club though. When your time’s up, your time’s up...

She comes home muttering something about a woman at the book club who's challenged herself to read fifty books in a year...

No, no, please no. No more challenges.

(Tuesday 16th October)

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