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Wednesday 3 October 2012

Not Bad For His Age

I’m in the car today because Doggo is at the vets later for his annual MOT. All that clutch work in the again horrendously bad traffic doesn't help my knee, which was almost fine until I got in the car. I’d hate to have to start looking at automatics.

We get a rare male vet tonight. Doggo and I feel a bit cheated by that, something is clearly amiss on the veterinarian production line. Nice chap though and he doesn’t hide behind the table, when Doggo utters his trademark low growl, like the others did. The vet describes Doggo as 'not bad for his age'. Personally I’d have bitten him for saying that.

Dog training for MD tonight, his first for ages. He’s consequently totally hyper, which means we destroy a few courses, in between soon rather good bits.

While at training, we get some sad news. Doggo’s older brother has died. He was roughly 18 months older than Doggo, so he was 12 maybe almost 13. We will have a drink to his memory later. Good job you’re 'not bad' for your age mate.

(Wednesday 3rd October)

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