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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Spirit Of Things

The traffic is very light and it’s almost tolerable in the car. I keep forgetting its Derby half term.

Son is in a lecture about orgasms. In sociology? He says it's far too early in the morning for something so graphic. Rubbish. It's never too early. L will agree, what with the sex splattered World War One audio book she’s reading. Although the hero has just had his chin blown off, which might curtail his activities a bit... and she says I read gruesome books.

Actually I’ve finished my own rather tame, orgasm free, but interesting audio book this morning. The Blackhouse by Peter May.

I’ve resisted the temptation to go straight on to book two in the series and have started a book by Sophie Hannah, as this promises a touch of the gruesome.

Suitable for a gruesome day because as Daughter so eloquently puts it 'bloody hell it's sodding Halloween. She does get into the spirit of things. L heads off to hide in the gym while the zombies are prowling the streets. If ever there's a reason to go dog training this is it. Oddly not many others have the same idea.

I’ll take back everything I said about the traffic, 70 minutes to travel the 15 miles home and then I have to turn straight round to head out to dog training, arriving about 20 minutes later than planned. Perhaps all the others are stuck in traffic.

(Wednesday 31st October)

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