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Wednesday 10 October 2012

A Genuine Case Of Mistaken Identity

I got mistaken for Bradley Wiggins today. Some 10 year old shouted ‘Go Wiggo Go’ at me. He could have been taking the p*** but I’m sure it was a genuine case of mistaken identity. My Team GB cycling top was surely partly to blame because I haven’t been growing my sideburns and my cadence perhaps wasn’t what it could have been.

It’s the closing date for Sunday’s Coventry Half Marathon today but we decide to skip it. My two half marathons a month plan is gradually collapsing under the weight of injury. The plan is not proving as easy to put into practice as I though.

It’s not just me struggling either, L still has a bad knee and I offer to fetch my spare sachets of the Victory V joint gel out of the dustbin where I’ve stored them but she declines. Don’t blame her.

I’m not even sure if the stuff does any good. It’s hard to tell but either way I’m not using any of that particular brand again.

We’re on the late shift for dog training tonight, which won’t finish until gone 10pm and then we have to pack away. After which I need to pick L up from her Mother’s. She decides to start walking to shorten our journey but her parents won’t let her. Ahhhh, you’re never too old to be grounded by your parents.

(Wednesday 10th October)

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