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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Between Thornbridge And Titanic

On the bus today because it’s the Nottingham Beer Festival tonight, which is always a good night out.

As ever it’s a nightmare trying to get a bus out of Derby at rush hour but I get the last seat on the 5.35. Of course, I should been a gent and given it to one of the young students who smiled nicely at me and flashed their black tight clad legs but I was in a rush. Beer to drink.

I meet L outside the festival, which is held in the grounds of Nottingham Castle. Then we head inside; manage to find a couple of seats and a spare one for my mate who is heading over from Bingham.

I’m not sure about the point of having 1000+ beers available other than the bragging rights to say you have. We manage to try approximately 1% of those, just 11 between us. We stay amongst the T’s most of the night, in fact we stay on Thornbridge and Titanic most of the night, with only a brief sojourn to C and W. To be fair, between Thornbridge and Titanic is a very nice place to get marooned. With the rain coming down outside, it was even quite ‘romantic’, so I'm told, being in a tent in the rain with an endless supply of beer.

1. Thornbridge Late Star 5.0%
2. White Horse Horse Rustler 5.4%
3. Thornbridge Evenlode Smoked Porter 6.2%
4. Titanic Cappuccino Stout 4.5%
5. Titanic Chocolate and Vanilla Stout 4.5%
6. Thornbridge McConnells 5.0%
7. Castle Rock Midnight Owl 5.5%
8. Thornbridge Evenlode Smoked Porter 6.2%

1. Titanic Plum Porter 4.9%
2. Welbeck Abbey Cavendish 5.0%
3. Thornbridge Kipling 5.2%
4. Thornbridge St Petersburg 7.4% (1/3)
5. Titanic Plum Porter 4.9%
6. Titanic Plum Porter 4.9%
7. Castle Rock Midnight Owl 5.5%
8. Titanic Plum Porter 4.9%

We head home via L’s work and carry some of her work home for tomorrow, as well as carrying each other. Luckily L got her daily 5k done early, so we don’t have to jog home with that lot.

(Thursday 11th October)

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