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Friday 5 October 2012

Quality Control

Well, I didn’t have to crawl up the stairs at work this morning, so the knee is clearly no worse after last night’s activity. In fact it’s a little better.

I spend some time reading the Cycling Weekly article ‘26 things to do before you die! on two wheels!’ which is a very unfortunate title if you remove the first exclamation mark.

L says it’ll be all psycho stuff such as freewheeling down Glencoe Mountain without using your brakes. Hmmm she’s not too far wrong. She also points out that 26 things to do before you die isn't many, and most people list 100 but they’re probably assuming you'll expire during one of them.

L and the dogs walk up to meet me off the bus, which is far easier on the knee than driving, and I find them by homing in on the barking. L greets me warmly (although not as warmly as the dogs do) before handing the encumbrances over to me, so that she can head off on her daily 5k run. Doggo looks gutted as she heads off on to the park without him.

Later, I head over to Bingham for our six monthly mini university reunion, just the three of us. Two other chaps couldn’t make it, one of them only pulling out ill this morning, so we’ll need to do the next one in a lot less than six months.

I get the impression Doggo is being a pain at home when L suggests sending him over in a taxi. It’s usually MD she complains about. Something about him interrupting her Glee DVD. Isn’t that what you call quality control?

(Friday 5th October)

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