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Friday 19 October 2012

A Gap In The Market

L tries the usual let’s pretend its Saturday idea to avoid getting out of bed but 'Darling, it’s the perfect weather for a bike ride'. Not too hot, not too cold and dry. So it proves and it’s a really nice bike ride into work this morning.

After having missed the gym because of her tardiness this morning, L attempts to perk up her day with a boot trying on session in town. Sadly she can't get anything to zip up over her calves. Surely they must do bootwear for runners? Or is this a gap in the market?

Tonight the sort of regular, which is when we get time for it, Friday night stay in. Although one thing I guess we won’t be seeing on the Top of the Pops repeats from 1977 is Jimmy Saville.

(Friday 19th October)

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