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Saturday 6 October 2012

Menacing Females

A relaxing day. Well apart from a park session with the dogs. L’s been telling us for weeks that they’d not culled nearly enough deer but I hadn’t seen any for ages, until today. As ever it’s the females that are the most menacing but then females usually are.

Then I head off to Pride Park for the match, which is a waste of time. After the dullest of dull 0-0 draws, Derby’s manager discloses in his post-match interview that his team’s energy levels were too low, after two games in the last seven days (shock horror), to play two up front. So he packed the midfield and everybody fell asleep. If he’d told us that beforehand we could have all stayed at home and done something constructive instead. A point is a point I suppose, unless you actually want to do something with your season.

We stay in later, with pasta and apple crumble, but no alcohol of course. All in an attempt to be fit for tomorrow’s half marathon, to be ran on no training at all this week.

(Saturday 6th October)

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