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Monday, 15 October 2012

The Odd Inspired Moment

I forgot to put the boys’ food out this morning. I’m sure it didn't go unnoticed and MD will be crap at training tonight then. No change there then, well, he does have the odd inspired moment.

Daughter is ill but is still at the gym. L tells her to take it easy but was told she'd been taking it bloody easy for long enough... Who is this girl? I wonder if L got the wrong number? It will be interesting to meet this person masquerading as Daughter on Saturday.

There’s a bit of rain in the afternoon but training is still on and MD does ok. Clearly not holding too much of a grudge over his breakfast or about not getting biscuits. We have tea and biscuits at this venue, we never used to get that at the old place. It’s not really my thing of course but I’d hate to be antisocial.

Meanwhile L gyms, runs, paints, knits, reads etc, all while watching Glee. I think. She’s so action packed.

(Monday 15th October)

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