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Tuesday 30 October 2012

Cheap For A Best Friend

Quite a sunny day today, much better than the grey of last week and very pleasant to cycle in.

Somebody has sold a sheepdog for a record breaking £8,400. Apparently that’s 'cheap for a best friend', that is if you want a best friend that’s a constant nag. I’m thinking of MD here. Actually I thought it said £8.40 a first, which would have been more reasonable. I wonder what ours are worth? L says they can have them for free. She doesn't mean that. I don't think.

Back home I indulge in a spot of night time gardening, it amuses the ‘nags’ and will annoy the council by giving them another bin to empty.

Apparently the Canning Circus Christmas Tree is up and L is off into town for Christmas pudding coloured wool.

Ah, the festivities commence. Is it December already?

(Tuesday 30th October)

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