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Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Sound Of The Rain

It had started raining as we headed back from the Old Dungeon Ghyll last night and I don’t think it has stopped since. The clocks have now gone back, so we get an extra hour in the tent to savour the sound of the rain. It’s very pleasant actually.

Eventually we have to be brave and decamp, taking the tent down in the rain. Doggo isn’t keen to emerge from his comfy and dry cocoon at all and at one stage it looked as if we might have to roll him up inside it.

You wouldn’t catch him doing a runner away from his home comforts, as one dog on the campsite did on Friday evening. The dog finally reappeared at around 2am the next morning.

We take lunch in Windermere because Ambleside is full, well at least every car park is, and then we head home. I did mean to pick some bottles of the illusive Snecklifter but I even forget to do that, so it stays illusive.

I console myself with a blow out curry and couple of bottles of OP from the Co-Op.

(Sunday 28th October)

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