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Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Worrying Precedent

A worrying day and a worrying precedent set.

After doing the park, L and go out to look at some flooring. Only we can’t find anywhere in Nottingham that is open on a Sunday, so we end up in Mansfield. Nottingham’s loss is Mansfield’s gain and hopefully we have found someone who will fit us a wooden floor in our lounge, to complete the scruffy, I mean rustic, look started with the slate tiles we have pretty much everywhere else.

Then oddly we end up buying a settee, which we only saw this morning, plastered across an advert that fell out of the paper. Then we add a footstool and coffee table to it. All on the never never.

I’m off to lie down. I feel faint.

Thankfully L takes me for an evening pint at the Wheelhouse; clearly she can see I need it.

(Sunday 21st October)

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