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Friday 28 January 2011

Four Legged Passion Killers

Very cold this morning, so I suffered a bit with cold fingers on the bike. Oddly enough by the time I’m half way to work my fingers have usually defrosted but this is also about the same point that my toes start to go numb with cold. Still, as I weave in and out the stationary traffic, it’s better than driving.

The roads were white over this morning, I thought it had snowed but it was just the grit. My back wheel slid a bit at one point, I don’t think it was because of any ice, I just lost grip on the inch thick dusting of salt. It's like Blackpool beach out there.

Hmmm, I shouldn’t say that. It’ll give the council ideas about having a winter beach in the Old Market Square. Talking of which, perhaps they’ll have to scrap the beach this year to save money but then again, they’ll probably close a leisure centre or a care home instead.

Latest scare story cyclists 'unaware of health risk'. The article basically says there might be a health risk but we're not sure, someone needs to do some research. Typical pointless BBC article but if it puts a few people off cycling I'm sure it will make them happy. It also comes hot on the heels of one last year that said you inhale more fumes whilst in traffic sat in a car than you do on a bike. Make your minds up.

By the evening it doesn’t seem to be getting much warmer, so it’s still a chilly ride home. L goes for a post work swim. Damn, I haven’t got my kit with me or else I could have joined her, I haven’t swum this week.

Daughter’s out so I contemplate skipping the pub, dimming the lights, lighting the candles, putting on some soft music, opening the wine and cooking something romantic. Whilst kicking and throwing stuff for the dogs of course, the passion killers. I’ll give it a go anyway.

(Friday 28th January)

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