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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Well You Would Do Wouldn't You

It’s very warm this morning. 10 degrees and raining. It could almost be August.

So summer’s here then, no excuse not to get on my bike again. Though I find cycling two days in a row very hard work. I’m so unfit, as L would say. On the plus side, my knee seems ok. In fact, I’d forgotten about it.

In the news is a man who threatened to blow himself up in Accessorize on Regent Street, London. Well you would do wouldn't you.

It’s a nice dry ride home but two days biking in a row is made harder by getting involved in a bit of a race on the way home. Well you would do wouldn't you. It’s not my fault, it’s my testosterone or his testosterone. After all, he started it.

Then tonight I’ve got squash. Honestly L will be hosing down the testosterone tonight, from a distance. If I’m awake after all that activity. Which I might just be because I’m celebrating. I won 2-1. Had the fourth game gone to completion I may not have done but even a draw would have been cause for celebration but scrub that, I bloody won.

(Thursday 13th January)

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