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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

On The Late Shift

On the bike, at long last. Although I nearly didn't bother when I saw the rain but it eased off, eventually stopped and the ride turned out rather pleasant in the end. I didn’t even notice my dodgy knee as I was cycling but it’s a bit stiff now as I sit at work.

Had a few problems with a woman in a pointlessly large vehicle. She pulled out in front of me, then when she realised her error slammed on her brakes and therefore rather than just causing me to brake heavily actually blocked my path. So I had the swerve around the back of her car, at which point she started to reverse back into the side street from where she’d come. Crazy. Unless of course her aim was to actually try to kill me.

In the evening L runs. Unfortunately I need her running partners for dog training. She says I’m welcome to them. It’s a double session tonight, a session each. Doggo’s on the late shift, so perhaps he'll sleep tonight. Any more of his random barking at 2am and he'll be getting a muzzle. Even MD seems to have got bored with it now and doesn’t even bother getting out of bed to see what the old git’s barking at, let along bother joining in.

L suggests I forgo my post training takeaway that I very occasionally go for when we don’t finish until late and it’ll be around a 10:30 finish tonight. She’s says to think carefully about those ulcers before I turn down her offer of home cooked food in which she is very adept at cramming in vegetables. Hmmm perhaps, she has a point.

(Wednesday 12th January)

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