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Friday, 7 January 2011

Good Old Post Office

Just as I’m getting ready to leave for work this morning, someone pushes MD back through the front door and closes it again. Ah. He didn’t last long on his walk. L did say she wasn’t going to put up with his misbehaving any more.

It starts snowing but it’s not that wonderful, unpleasant wet snow.

At lunch time it takes me ages in the hairdressers because the chap asked if it was me he saw at the View concert before Christmas. Having discovered a common love of live music we embark on a long discussion about all the gigs we’ve both been too. Don't you just hate people who takes ages to get their hair cut.

I see Starbucks has dropped the charade that it actually makes coffee and has removed the word from its new logo.

About time. We wondered what it was they were serving in those cups.

Mouse watch: L tells me how much she loves mice and hopes we're feeding them something decent... Of course, cheese, on traps.

Over to Bingham tonight for our bi-annually mini Uni reunion. One of the lads hasn’t had a drink since August, so he’s going to be slaughtered. It will probably cause him to give up again for another long stretch. Another of the guys was going to criticise me for not sending him a birthday card but it arrived rather tardily this morning, his birthday was 29th December. It was postmarked 22nd December. 16 days for a first class delivery. Impressive. Good old post office.

(Friday 7th January)

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