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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Staring At A Wall

There’s a bit of snow on the ground this morning. I didn’t know we were expecting any but never mind and it probably won't last. Shame.

We seem to have a mouse problem at work. They’ve been at the tea bags and had a party on the one of the director’s desks.

I’ve developed a bit of a cough after my run on Sunday so instead of swimming tonight I decide to go to the gym for a bit of a bike in the warm. So whereas Sunday’s race was a welcome change from running on the spot staring at a wall, here I am cycling on the spot staring at a wall or to be more precise a window, which because it’s pitch black outside might as well be a wall. You think they’d put an aerobics class on for you to watch whilst you do your 15k. Wouldn't you.

All the same, I survive and then join L for a mocha afterwards.

Once home L goes out for a bonding session with MD. She takes him for a walk on his own, without Doggo. I hold Doggo's paw while they’re gone. He doesn’t seem too distraught and helps me wash my bike, which is going in for a service tomorrow. Help isn’t quite the right word, he seems to keep bowling his ball down the path towards my bike, as if he’s trying to knock it over.

(Tuesday 4th January)

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