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Wednesday 23 March 2011

Bad Coffee Day

Today the University UK Tour continues. Today London or more correctly Westminster, the university is on Regents Street. We get the train down, which is a pleasant-ish if expensive experience and the coffee is awful.

The main University building turns out to be an impressive affair but that appears to be their main selling point as they don’t push the boat out much as regards anything else. No free lunch and no coffee, certainly no biscuits. We’ve had free coffee at every university visit so far and lunch at two out of three. So get your act together Westminster, think of the parents. There's also no accommodation tour, not even a talk, until we join the queue waiting to collar the accommodation man. I bet he wished he’d done a talk now. And there's no free coffee. Did I mention that?

The girl who gives us the campus tour can’t be bothered to show us the library, saying it would take half an hour. Funnily enough we have acres of time as the whole open day is over in less than an hour. Then we walk to the library by ourselves in less than five minutes.

We tour some of the other university sites on foot but Daughter wants to see the London Eye, so we head there as well. She seems less bothered about the historic sites of Big Ben, Trafalgar Square etc, just the man made wagon wheel. Although the ship in the bottle, HMS Victory no less, which now adorns the fourth plinth does cause her to get her camera out.

At least after all those crackpots standing atop the plinth, they now have something appropriate up there.

However, the most popular part of the day with our prospective university student was easily the tube. Each to their own. It was about the most packed as I’ve seen it. Not pleasant. We need alcohol. We find a pub, get a pint and an excellent meal, almost worth the whole trip in itself. Just need to survive the coffee on the train back now.

(Wednesday 23rd March)

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