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Monday 14 March 2011

Iron Constitution

L has a bit of a disastrous walk with boys this morning. I gave both of them a bit of leftover curry last night, although I was wary about giving Doggo much, as he's a delicate boy, so he only got a teaspoon full. He would normally, prior to us having MD, have refused it full stop but MD’s a bad influence on him.

It was a teaspoon too far. He chucked it up this morning and (naturally) in front of spectators. One of whom took photos on a mobile phone. Which is odd... but anyway. MD’s iron constitution is, of course, fine.

L, good citizen that she is, went back to clean it up. Not many drunks would go back to clean up their own vomit, so I bet the locals were well impressed.

Daughter then gets involved in a bus crash. Thankfully those city buses are pretty much bullet proof, so she’s fine. Not sure about the other vehicles involved though. She was only asking the other day why you would wear a seatbelt on a bus...

So that was some morning... and all before anyone got to their place of work. Oh well, the week can only improve.

Or perhaps not. The Reading Half Marathon website says that race packs should be arriving this week. They’re cutting it a bit fine. Don’t they know how bad our post is? Though I’m not sure how old the message on their website is. The point is we haven’t got ours yet. If it goes to the next street, like a lot of our mail does, we’re stuffed.

Dog training tonight, but not for the one with the dodgy stomach, just for the one with the iron constitution, who’s lungs seem in full working order this evening.

(Monday 14th March)

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