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Tuesday 22 March 2011

Do What You’ve Got To Do

I cycle in today. The legs refuse to work at first but they got the hang of it eventually. It didn’t help that I had to overtake someone but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

Buying a sandwich at lunchtime has suddenly got far more complicated. Our sandwich van has gone all high tech. Bar coded sandwiches. The poor woman selling them looked well frazzled by it all.

Here’s a great idea, not. Formula 1 plan to use sprinkler systems to wet race tracks in order to make races more entertaining... because 'wet races are always the best by far'. As I recall racing in a downpour often used to coincide with a death and/or a drivers boycott... but perhaps I’m just going back to the dark ages. I must admit I haven’t really followed F1 for years but this idea just strikes me of being a bit loopy.

A free night tonight, so I manage to fit in a swim. It’s certainly been a while. L’s in the gym but she arrives just as I’m about to get out, so I don’t get chance to chat her up over a maxpax mocha.

(Tuesday 22nd March)

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