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Saturday 12 March 2011

No Cause For Confidence Or Optimism

After a relaxing morning lie in and an unrelaxing (but still pleasant) park session, I then get stuck on the A52 for twenty minutes or so, thanks to a horse. The A52 is closed whilst the police and a couple of motorists attempt to recapture a horse. Where it came from I’m not sure.

Then it’s the football match. I’m not confident but then again, with our form, there is no cause for confidence or optimism. Swansea even warmed up better than us. Then a mere seven minutes into the game we benefit from a fluky own goal. Well, it was actually a fantastic back pass. Beggars cannot be choosers and anyway, it’s about time we had some luck. We’ve just got to hang on now for erm... 83 minutes plus added time.

Our good fortune continues, the ball hits our bar and doesn’t go in to the net. Twice. The good fortune is actually supplemented, or even caused by, a much improved performance. Then we get another goal and it’s all our own work this time.

We hang on to win 2-1, which will just about keep us up, for this year at least. Next year... no promises.

So cause of celebration and we even actually go out on a Saturday night. How long has that been? What’s more we stay out because I don’t faint this time.

I check for pubs on Nottingham Camra’s ‘Stout and Porter Stroll’ in an attempt to stay on the dark side all night. We get Salem Porter and Castle Rock’s Merlin in the Poacher. Then we pop into the Rose of England, the first time we’ve been in there for ages before finishing as usual in the Ropewalk.

(Saturday 12th March)

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