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Saturday 5 March 2011

A Night To Remember

After a morning lie-in and a park session with the dogs I spoil a promising day by spending the afternoon sat in the damp and the cold watching Derby hang on to a 0-0 draw against the might of Barnsley. Unfortunately it’s one of those games that goes under the sub-heading ‘must win’ and obviously we don’t. The writing is on the wall, as well on the floor, the ceiling and everywhere else there’s room to write it and in very big letters.

As it’s our crystal (apparently) anniversary this week L books us into a fish restaurant, one that she’s always wanted to try, for this evening. It’s a night she won’t forget. I suddenly start feeling ill on the bus into town. L and Daughter have both been ill this week, so I guess it was my turn. L had been predicting it but I’d assumed it would pass me by. We make it to the restaurant, order wine but then I start to feel faint. I leave L to make our apologies and cancel the booking whilst I go outside for some air. Fainting is somewhat of a speciality of mine and I feel I put on quite a good show for Nottingham’s revellers. The restaurant is very helpful and start to summon an ambulance but I decline. We head home, where L gets soup for tea rather than a posh meal. So it’s a disappointing evening out and anniversary.

(Saturday 5th March)

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