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Tuesday 1 March 2011

Bean Bags And Wobble Boards

L must still be ill because she’s been getting the bus to work both ways. She must be seriously ill, she usually walks everywhere. I feel guilty now. I should have done the dogs.

At least she appears to be well enough to be at work and to make the hairdressers but if she was too ill for the haircut I’d understand. Personally I think the extra length looks great but she disagrees.

My dark secret is out, as a new triathlon magazine arrives through the door. It’s a free sample. Honest. I've retired. It can probably go straight in the recycling.

Are Halfords any use for anything anymore? I gave up long ago trying to get find anything useful for my bike in there and now increasing so for my car as well. I wanted a new rear wiper blade arm that broke under the strain of the ice and snow. They used to do them but not anymore. How about a simple car fuse? Yes we have fuses sir but not the want you want. Thanks a lot. Time to pay over the odds at Vauxhall then.

Another relegation six pointer for Derby tonight but I’m not there to offer my support. I’m learning ‘multi skills’ as part of my coaching course. Surely they can cope without me. They can’t lose to Doncaster, can they? Oh yes they can. 3-1, amidst more pointless team changes. Just pick the best eleven players and pray. A good one to miss I think.

I hope the ill one is tucked up in bed sleeping off her illness but no, she’s watching Glee. Which is surely more than enough to cause a relapse.

‘Multi skills’ is actually rather good and fun. They teach us loads of interesting methods and games that stretch your muscles, whilst improving your coordination and balance. Could be useful. Particularly good are some warm-up techniques and I never knew that I could balance so many bean bags on my head whilst stood on a wobble board.

(Tuesday 1st March)

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