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Wednesday 2 March 2011

The Illness Baton

The illness baton has been passed on to Daughter. So L’s not popular. I am, so far, fine. Germ free and fighting fit, well apart from when it comes to running obviously but that’s another story. I might, though, have to start wearing a surgical mask at home. I'd better not get it. I have squash, a gig, a match and a dog show to get to this weekend. Could be worse I suppose, at least I haven’t entered the Clumber Duathlon on Saturday, I did consider it.

With Daughter laid low, I do the dogs and L does the paper round. I take the dogs out early, walk them round our circuit at a swift pace before returning home and feeding them. Then I throw open the door to our outside storeroom. Oooh what’s this? A bike. It’s been so long.

L’s now saying she’s 100% but I don’t believe her. It’s just a ruse because she’s at Hairspray tonight, sat on a bench at the back, in the cheap seats, which apparently are great for people with very short legs. It’s good to see her going for the cheap seats. She’s on the wagon, credit card wise, and getting the hang of this austerity thing.

Meanwhile I have dog training. Not only am I now on the committee of the dog club I’m also team manager for our Crufts qualifying campaign. That’s for 2012. Crufts 2011 starts next Thursday and for the first time in four years I’m not going. I’ve had two years supporting followed by two years competing. Somehow there didn’t seem any point in going back to just supporting this year.

As for 2012, hopefully Doggo’s got one more year in him or perhaps MD can step up to the plate. All we need a team mates, which it is now my job to find. My persuasive/grovelling email to the potential recruits does not get much of response from the top handlers with the best dogs, the ones who could possibly get us to Crufts in their sleep. Although I think we tried that technique and it didn't work.

However, my appeal that I would be inclusive of anyone who fancies a go, no matter how good or bad they think they are, does get an impressive response from several new members. Which is terrific and very encouraging. One thing we’ve lacked for years is a ‘youth policy’ which is why we can barely raise a team now, as there’s no one coming through to replace those who drop out. So at the moment I have a promising and very keen ‘development squad’ and they even want to have team training session. It would serve the rest right if they went all the way.

(Wednesday 2nd March)

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