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Sunday 6 March 2011

Belated Celebrations

After not the best of nights, I still manage to persuade L to let me go to today’s dog show, which is a two hour drive away in Yorkshire. Although I leave quite a bit later than planned. The 8am start at the show was inhuman anyway. The fresh air will do me good.

Meanwhile L opts to run the Rushcliffe 10K and after looking at some awkward bus routes decides to bike there, which leaves me feeling well outdone. So it had better be a successful dog show.

Hmmm. MD is hyper, way too over excited and promptly forgets all the things we’ve been working on over the winter. Many mistakes and the poles come flying down, which they haven’t been doing in training. I finally calm him down for his third run which is better but not clear. Then finally on his fourth run he goes clear. Yet he picks a course where he’s pitched against loads of dogs from a higher grade and therefore has little chance of getting a rosette. Enthused by that... we make a complete hash of his fifth and final run. All very frustrating but he looks happy with himself, he’s had a great time.

As for Doggo. Well he hobbles around the first two of his three runs; although he is clear in the second of them, it’s very slow. I realise that he’s still stiff after his football session yesterday. Maybe at his age agility and football on the same weekend isn’t a good idea. I more or less decide not to run him in his final run but then I take him for a longish walk to try and loosen him up. It works, we do the final run and he gets a rosette for 10th.

I get home and L and I at least have a few glasses of wine to belatedly celebrate our anniversary.

(Sunday 6th March)

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