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Wednesday 30 March 2011

Sweeney Todd

I think breakfast wars has blown over a bit. Well actually I’m not sure what he had for breakfast or lunch... It's all getting a bit secretive.

With half an eye on Sunday’s race, I get a ‘lighter’ hairstyle, e.g. less of it. Tenths of a second are important. Unfortunately I don't get my usual barber and seem to be assigned Sweeney Todd instead. The chap nicks my neck with his electric clippers and then despite my screams of pain does it again. I exaggerate a bit, it didn't seem too bad at the time but when I get home L queries who has tried to saw my head off at the neck. On closer inspection, it’s not good. I wouldn't have paid the man if I'd seen how much damaged he's done.

I take MD training while L runs with Doggo, which is a shock for him. He doesn’t get taken running much these days. They manage 7k, which makes me reassess my plans to run 10k next month with MD. I thought perhaps my old running pal would no longer be up to 10k but who knows.

(Wednesday 30th March)

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