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Tuesday 12 February 2013


MD has an altercation with the notorious black terrier this morning. We all dislike the black terrier. It had a go at me first as I cycled down the alleyway near our house. Perhaps MD knew.

L has her clinic with the injured cyclist today which simply rubber stamps her plan to stop me cycling and she pledges to take a spade to both my bikes tonight. I think I preferred yesterday’s idea of leaping on me.

As its Shrove Tuesday today I do pancakes tonight, savoury ones. I was going to shop especially for exciting ingredients but L points out that the idea of pancake night is to use up everything in the fridge. Ok, Marmalade, stilton and Thai curry sauce it is then.

Actually in the end, I dig a bit deeper and its sausage, bacon, onions, peppers, sweet potato and cheese - a Stilton and Cheddar mix. Not bad. Although my pancake making skills have gone to pot. I have not made any for years and aided by a sticky non-stick frying pan, it takes several mishaps before I get a decent one. Leaving plenty of rejects for pudding and for the dogs.

(Tuesday 12th February)

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