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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Bath Time

As we have no races, dog shows and not even a home match this weekend, the dogs get two consecutive days on the park. Both days enable them to coat themselves in plenty of mud, such is the amount of precipitation of both the frozen and unfrozen varieties we’ve had this winter. Today is particularly bad and, much to Doggo’s terror, once we get back home I close off all exit routes from the kitchen and fill a bucket with soapy water. Bath time!

Late afternoon we head over to Leamington, taking Son and his significant other out for lunch. Desperate to avoid another identikit Wetherspoons Sunday Lunch, we visit the White Horse, which comes complete with a real 'live' plastic horse outside. 
The food is good, if pricey. They even do a very good cheeseboard. The beer is, again, blonde. It must be a conspiracy.

(Sunday 10th February)

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